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laying strong foundations for growing companies to profitably scale

About Us

We connect ideas and people to solve complex or difficult problems. We are operational, taking someone’s vision to reality. We are enthusiastic about technology and how it can improve society

We understand the needs of the business and articulate them to the technical teams, building R&D teams to scale for growing business with agility in mind as the teams become based around a product not a person.

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We will be happy to spend an hour, on a call, helping you focus your energies to be more productive in your business. If you would like a no strings chat, book it here.

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Delivering Brilliance

Product, technical and business strategy
Determining commercial viability
Optimising to invest
Grounding your vision with reality


Failing Elegantly

Continual improvement
Business continuity and disaster recovery
Reducing technical debt
Building reliable processes


Operating Efficiently

Practical application of strategy
Scaling resources and processes predictably
Business management and productivity
Removing redundancies and re-purposing resources


Executing Predictably

Ensuring you can deliver what you sell
Helping you delight your customers
Scaling high performing teams
Working smarter not harder



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    Suzanne Cook

    Ghilaine and I met each other when working at Microsoft. Always positive, technologically empowering and generous with her time, she is clearly committed to helping others understand aspects of growth and upscale to increase marketability and sustainability, whatever your chosen field of work. Helping me to understand that my personal approach and style, albeit rather unconventional, has a genuine value to clients free from the world of clichés and mumbo jumbo that often accompanies the business world, was truly refreshing. She is enthusiastic, informal and knowledgeable with a genuine interest in assisting others to manage their businesses as they grow without the frequently accompanying agendas.

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    Noel Hoque - Fashion Entrepeneur

    When tackling a problem, Ghilaine is second to none, her ideas and insight are not only exceedingly useful, but she can see an idea from an all-round perspective through her valuable knowledge, not only in terms of business but fashion too. One can get too focussed when concentrating on a piece of work hours upon end, Ghilaine not only spotted potential flaws immediately, but provided useful and well thought out resolutions. What impressed me further are her methods of explanation and well defined approach. Ghilaine talked through her train of thought and involved me completely. Her warm and approachable nature is a pleasure to work with and I came out of our meeting more confident with my business case, aware of potential pitfalls and extra information that should serve me well as I embark on my business startup.