Ghilaine & Co

'Don’t look around for someone to give you an excuse to be awesome. That’s your choice to make every day' - Trevor McKendrick

We all want to do big things, it may be uncool to work hard, but we believe in working towards something bigger than ourselves.

It is easy to get lost in the minutiae of the day-to-day.

I facilitate ownership and smooth communication. I generate sustainable and practical systems to improve your effectiveness and outcomes.

I build and shape high-functioning teams.


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    Larry Kotch, co-founder, Brainbroker

    Ghilaine is a pleasure to work with, she helped the team at Brainbroker think through and take difficult HR and Operational decisions. Ultimately, working through her ‘People math’ approach is what makes us sure we are making the right decisions when scaling our business.

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    Upma Arora, co-founder, Dhaba Lane

    Ghilaine, is one of the most amazing mentors I have had in the last one year, in this highly over crowded space of London StartUps. She knows and understand the early stage startups very well and knows how to give practical advice which will enhance your business immediately.

    She has a very hands on attitude and will spend time understanding your business, you as a founder & than come up with solutions.

    I can’t recommend her enough. At personal level she is a wonderful person who can really lift you up and a coffee with her will inspire you immensely.